Welcome to Yebo Yes!

What do we do?

We sell, install and repair all types of catering equipment.

Restaurant, Conference, Lodge, Hospital and Hostel Pubs, Bars, Schools ECT...


Short History:

Our business has been operational for over 14 years; the company was previously trading as Gillie Kwena Catering Equipment but in November 2006 Bennie took over the business from his father Mr Kennett (Snr) and changed the name to which he is affectionately become known in his many projects by a phrase which he often used: “Yebo Yes”. It is still a family business by the late Bennie having all 3 of his daughters working together, namely Janine, Melissa and Celeste.

Yebo Yes has an established reputation for exceptional service and superior quality products and suppliers of kitchen utensils, industrial cookware and commercial kitchen appliances. Glassware, cutlery and crockery. We carry a range of more than 3000 products.


Main Product Range:

Everything from a teaspoon to a freezer room. With a variety of glassware, cutlery, crockery, kitchen equipment and smalls, fridges / freezers, air-conditioning etc …


The Yebo Yes Team strives to offer the best service possible to our new and old customers.